Results of 3 days of trading on the Sniper strategy

This week we once again received confirmation that even working with 4-5 instruments, you can receive on average more than 1 signal per day. During the time period from Tuesday to Thursday, we received 4 signals, and the potential earnings amounted to more than 150 points. In the review, we’ll take a closer look at these entry points.

In the comments I would like to see your feedback on my trade. Each trader sees the market from a different angle, so while the overall picture is the same, the results can be very different. Perhaps you managed to earn more – write about it in the comments.

One thing that unites successful “snipers” is that most of them were trained with us. Some limited themselves to a free course, but many decided not to stop there and then enrolled in a special course Sniper X. They were attracted by the opportunity to earn many times more than the basic version of Sniper.

Gas deal

Gas deal

This week, 3 out of 4 trades fell on the foreign exchange market. If we discard the currency pairs, then only for gas there were conditions for trading, it was worth entering the market on Tuesday.

On Tuesday there was an attempt by the chart to move down from the resistance level. The M5 shows a reversal pattern that has formed approximately in the middle of the LUD. It was worth considering short positions from him.

When it became clear that the downward movement would not continue, the profit should be taken. As a result, with a stop of no more than 9 points, you could earn 27 points.

Three trades for EURUSD and USDJPY

The Briton failed this week, and the entry points for the GBPUSD currency pair were not formed, but they got the opportunity to trade in EURUSD and USDJPY:

  • on Tuesday, the bullish forecast worked out, the EURUSD chart bounced off the support level indicated in the forecast. After the first exit from the support zone, there was an attempt by the dollar to strengthen, but the sharp downward movement ended in the same sharp rise. A long shadow from the bottom of the candlestick strengthens the received entry signal. If you entered by this signal, then the SL for the deal is 19 points, and the take profit is 37 points;
  • on Wednesday EURUSD received another signal, but now it is bearish. It happened at the end of the day, and at first it might seem that the chart was preparing a breakdown of resistance. In the evening, there was important news in the United States and immediately after that there was a spurt upward, but everything quickly returned to normal. If you were in no hurry and waited for an entry signal to form, then after fixing under the LUD, which followed a false breakout, you should open a sell deal. With a stop of 38 points, you could take 114 points and even more if you used a trailing stop. In this situation, the safe rule is perfectly written off, the profit could be fixed in parts;
  • the last trading opportunity was on Thursday for the USDJPY currency pair. There were 2 attempts of the chart to gain a foothold under the local imbalance level, but both were unsuccessful. After the reversal pattern and consolidation above it, it was worth entering the market and buying could be closed with a profit of 54 points or more, the SL was 18 points. Here, too, the safe rule would be appropriate.

In the rest of the scenarios, there were no entry points that met the Sniper’s rules. There have been situations when the chart did not reach resistance or support, but such moments should be ignored, even if it seems that you are missing out on the right chance to make money.

According to three signals from the foreign exchange market, earnings could be about 150-200 points (depending on whether you used the safe rule or immediately started trailing the deal). If we add the gas result to this, the profit becomes even greater.

If your working lot is 0.5, then the profit for these days would be from $ 700 – a good result for free analytics. Moreover, there would be a minimum of time to spend on trading.