Sniper Weekly Results Review

The current week did not become a record one in terms of the number of fulfilled forecasts for the Sniper, but on average it was possible to conclude 2 deals per day. Initially, no one presumes that all 5 forecasts from analytics will be processed every day, so this result is not bad. In the review, we will analyze in more detail the trading opportunities that formed from Tuesday to Thursday.

This time the commodity market performed well, it accounted for 50% of the total number of signals to conclude a deal. Basically, these are basic entry points or breakout and continuation of the movement, it was this type of signals that accounted for most of the trading opportunities in the past days.

Before moving on to the main part, I would like to ask you in the comments to write about which of the signals we managed to put into work. Some of them weren’t easy, so beginners might well have missed them. Well, feedback matters – it’s important for us to see that analytics is not done in vain and benefits you.

Trading currency pairs

This time, 3 signals for trading were received for EURUSD and GBPUSD, trading opportunities were formed on Wednesday and Thursday:

  • it was possible to trade on EURUSD on the rebound from resistance on Thursday. Here, the formation of the base entry point took place exactly as shown in the training materials. Short positions in this situation could bring 24-25 points, while the stop did not exceed 16 points;
  • events developed in the same way for the GBPUSD currency pair. After an attempt to break through the resistance zone, the currency pair formed an M-shaped pattern and consolidated under this pattern. This gave rise to sales, the triggered take-profit gave 35 pips of profit at 24 pips SL;
  • a day earlier, the GBPUSD was a great selling point after a sharp rise into the local imbalance area. This type of entry point is not included in the basic tutorial, so not all of you were able to take this signal to work. In this situation, the stop for selling was 22 points, the safe rule was applied, the first fix gave 22 points of profit, and the remainder was closed with a profit of 66 points. This case is proof of the Sniper’s versatility, the strategy works even during impulse moves and the stops are kept small.

Trading opportunities in the commodity market

Trading opportunities in the commodity market

Here, from Tuesday to Thursday, inclusive, we received 1 signal per day:

  • on Tuesday, after the breakdown of resistance, buying on natural gas could be considered. Certain doubts about the signal would have been reasonable, the breakout took place as a result of the movement of the average force, but in the end it worked out, and it was possible to take 35 points, while risking only 21 points. It was worth buying after the breakdown of the LUD and the return to the chart from top to bottom;
  • on Wednesday, the same situation was observed for soybeans. Initially, the analytics considered the scenario of rebound from resistance, but if instead we get the entry point of the PPD, then it would be foolish not to take advantage of the opportunity presented. Buy after fixing above LUD brought 422 profit points, SL did not exceed 304 points. Profits in this situation are best closed at the end of the day;
  • the last entry point was formed on Thursday, and this was again the PPI for soybeans. Unlike Wednesday, the entry point was formed very quickly, the count went literally for minutes, so if you missed this moment, then you don’t need to blame yourself, just out of luck. Those who were able to enter the market had to fix their profit at the end of the day, the result of the deal was a profit of 938 points, and the SL was 472 points.


If at least 4 of the given 6 signals were taken into operation, you can assume that everything was done correctly. Please note that entry points may appear on Friday as well, so the weekly bottom line may improve. In the comments, write how many trades you had in just a week and what the win rate was.

To all those who are just starting their way in trading, I would like to advise you not to scatter attention on a lot of dubious strategies, but to immediately focus on guaranteed working trading techniques. We are talking about TS Sniper, hundreds of traders have proven that you can consistently make money with it in any market.